By | November 27, 2017

Did you know that Jackson is the capital of Mississippi? If not, you do now, and ‘The Crossroads of the South’ features 300+ restaurants. The motto of Jackson is ‘The City with Soul.’ Does that make your mouth water for soul food? It should, as you are certainly going to get your chance to enjoy soul food and much more. These four top restaurants in Jackson MS are excellent choices when it comes to stopping somewhere in the city for a bite to eat.

The Manship is located on North State Street, and it is known for its farm to table menu. Serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Manship is known for its fresh ingredients, family atmosphere and local favorites in regards to the cuisine. Short ribs, duck wings and roasted cauliflower are a few of the menu favorites. In some ways, this establishment could be classified as an Italian restaurant, but it is much more than that.

Parlor Market is a great choice, too, an it can be found on West Capitol Street. Have you tried duck sausage before? I have tried deer sausage but not duck sausage. Dishes of all types consisting of duck are a big thing in Jackson MS as you can tell. Shrimp, oysters Rockefeller and all kinds of delicious delicacies await. How does a five course meal for dinner sound to you? Dine downtown in Jackson at the Parlor Market.

Moss Creek is a favorite restaurant of many people in Jackson, and it is located on Riverwind Drive. Folks, this is one place you can get your soul food. Moss Creek serves up turnip greens, catfish, peach cobbler, baked sweet potatoes and all kinds of delicious eats. One person talks about having to eat there every single time she visits the city or Jackson MS.

I bet you are wondering where the barbecue comes in at this point. It’s time for barbecue and more soul food, Jackson MS style. You can get what you are looking for at The Pig & Pint, which is located on North State Street. Brisket, corn dogs, fried green tomatoes and much more await you when you pay a visit to The Pig & Pint.

After reading about The Pig & Pint, it is hard to choose one of the other restaurants to visit first, isn’t it? I would probably enjoy some barbecue first, but The Manship along with the other two establishments sound great, too. Just remember, these are four of the top restaurants out of 300+ in Jackson, Mississippi.